Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lifestyle Information - Preparing for Typhoons

   The typhoon season lasts from July to October in Kochi. In 2006, 10 typhoons landed in Japan, and six of them landed or approached Kochi. Typhoons bring very strong winds and very heavy rain, and cause people to be killed and go missing every year. So be sure to prepare for them!
   Typhoons do not strike suddenly, so it is possible to prepare for them sufficiently before they arrive.

   Taking the following precautions could save your life:
① Listen to TV and radio weather reports and disaster prevention reports.
② To prepare against power cuts have a flashlight, candles, portable battery-operated radio at hand.
③ In case of evacuation, know where your local evacuation area is.
④ Make sure you know how to contact others in your neighborhood.
⑤ Have cash, bank card, seal (hanko) and valuables etc collected together to take with you.
⑥ Have drinking water, food rations, first aid supplies etc on hand.
⑦ Inspect roof (tiles or corrugated roofing), windows, shutters, antennas and signboards etc to make sure they're not loose and reinforce themif necessary.
⑧ Clean out drains and gutters to ensure a good drainage flow.

   Keep in touch with your neighbors because they are the most reliable source of information as to when a typhoon is coming.

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