Monday, August 27, 2012

Kuroshio Kun (the mascot of Kochi)

   I am Kuroshio Kun, the mascot of Kochi Prefecture. I am a wave of the Black Current (Kuroshio). You must have seen me somewhere else before.
   My charming points are a cute pair of eyes and a smiling face. I will make you happy by my relaxing atmosphere. In 1997, Kochi Prefecture held a public competition to design a mascot. A lady from Aichi Prefecture drew me and won the prize. I guess you could call her my mother.
   After that I worked as the mascot of the Kochi National Athletic Meet in 2002, and became really famous and popular. My merchandise was almost sold out!!
   Despite having been a part of Kochi for more than 10 years, some people still mistake me for a whale. Remember. I am a Wave!

   I have been invited to many events and meet loads of people. Recently I joined “Hana・Hito・Tosa Deaihaku (Flower Festival)” and introduced beautiful Kochi to everyone.

   You can borrow my costume and my illustrations from the Kochi Prefectural Office. Why don’t you check out their website?
HP Kochi Prefectural Office:

Taken from vol.31 PDF

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