Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Daniel Ribble with Shakuhachi

   Shakuhachi is a Japanese vertical bamboo flute, which was used by the monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism at the Edo period. The name means “1.8 Shaku”, referring to its size.
   Daniel Ribble is a Shakuhachi player from the US. He came to Kochi as an English teacher in 1986, and has been living here ever since.

  He first encountered the Shakuhachi 22 years ago at a minshuku (a Japanese Inn) in Kyoto, and started to learn it when he met a person at the Sunday Markets who introduced him to Shakuhachi classes.
   Since then he has been playing for more than 20 years, and eventually he got the name “Ryudo” from the head master in 2001. Now he runs his own classes.
   He loves Honkyoku (a solo of Shakuhachi) most, but also enjoys Gaikyoku which harmonizes beautifully with Shamisen and Koto (Japanese instruments).
   Nowadays the sound of Shakuhachi is getting popular in Europe and America. He played solo at his home University (Georgia State University in Atlanta) a few years ago, and was very well received.
   He plays Jazz and Rock music as well as traditional Japanese sounds. He is in a band with others who play instruments such as the guitar, conga, Brazilian tambourine, dharbuka (Turkish drum), and the didgeridoo (Australian instrument), which brings music from around the world together. The Shakuhachi is a lovely spice that not only goes well with Japanese traditional music, but complements Western style music as well.

   He performed at the Kumamoto Shakuhachi Festival. We hope his talents can spread to the world!! If you would like to listen to Daniel play the Shakuhachi, why don’t you visit his website?

Taken from vol.32 PDF

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