Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spelunking at Ryugado!

Off we go!
   Departing from downtown Kochi City and jostling around in a Tosaden Bus for about 85 minutes, we finally arrived at Ryugado Cave in Kami City. Ryugado is counted among Japan’s Three Largest Limestone Caves. It was also designated as a National Natural Treasure and Historic Landmark in 1934.

A Day with Monet

The first water lilies of summer are in full bloom!
Don’t miss the blue lilies!
  Oscar-Claude Monet—a man who has gone down in art history as one of the founders of Impressionism and whose art has been associated with light, beautiful landscapes, and water lilies. Monet’s original lilies can be found in the Monet Garden in Giverny, France, but the only other official Monet Garden in the world is in Kochi Prefecture’s very own Kitagawa Village. In this article we’ll take you through the garden docents’ recommended course for maximum enjoyment!

Kayaking in the Shimanto River!

We tried paddling against the current! It was fun!
   What’s an activity perfect for Kochi’s hot, hot summer? Kayaking, of course! For this article, we went to the Shimanto River Station Canoe House in the Nishitosa area of Shimanto City and tried our hand at kayaking. (Note: “canoe” or “kanuu” refers to canoes and kayaks in Japanese.) Kayaking may seem daunting to some, but according to the Canoe House manager, 70% of their customers are beginners, and it’s easier than riding a bike.

Kochi Life Q&A: Yukata

Q: What is the kimono-like clothing that I see lots of people wearing when I go to a summer festival?
A:That is called a cotton-weave yukata. Originally, yukatas were used in summertime as bathrobes and pajamas, but today they are frequently worn at summer festivals and fireworks events.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Artist in Residence2015 & Performance-Papermoon Puppet Theatre ‘HIDE and SEEK’-

'Center stage 2012', photo by Iwan Effendi
   Iwan Effendi (Artistic Director) and Maria Tri Sulistyani (Director) from Papermoon Puppet Theatre in Indonesia will have a residency in Museum for a month to make a creation and present a new performance. It will be 'community project' that the visitors including child can attend workshops, and the artists make a new piece with the local artists.
   Open studio: 22nd Jul (Wed) to 13th Aug (Fri)
   Workshop: 25th Jul (Sat) to 31st Jul (Mon)
   Performance: 14th and 15th Aug (Sat)
   Venue: Gallery 4, The Museum of Art, Kochi