Friday, August 24, 2012

Make Japanese Paper in Kochi

   Japanese paper production in Kochi (Tosa Washi) is believed to have a 1000-year history, based on records which indicate that paper was presented to the emperor at that time. Handmade paper production reached a golden age in the Edo and Meiji eras and became one of Kochi’s specialized products. Over time, the demand for handmade paper has dropped sharply. But in 1976, Tosa Washi was designated as a national traditional craft and now Ino Town is the center of paper production in Kochi Pref.
   The Tosa Washi Kogei Village in Ino Town is located on the Niyodo River at a roadside station named “Michi no Eki.” Here you can learn how to make Tosa Washi. You can also swim in the river, camp or paddle a canoe. The facility houses a restaurant which uses local ingredients, a medicinal hot-spring, a hotel and a local product center. It is a wonderful place for you to visit, slow down and recharge your batteries.
   Place: 1226 Kashiki Ino Town, Agawa-gun
   TEL: 088-892-1001 FAX: 088-892-1115
   Access: 15min. by Kochiken Kotsu bus from JR Ino Station (getting off at Iwamura)
Hands-on practical paper-making at the Tosa Washi Kogei Village
-Hand-made Japanese paper-----Creating graduation certificates, colored paper, postcards etc.
   Open: 9:00am-5:00pm (Closed Wed)
   Fee: From ¥400
   *Reservation required for groups over 20.

-Charcoal burner--- Put raw wood into a kiln, and make charcoal (Reservation required)
   Charge: ¥500--- you can take home your handmade charcoal (800g)

-Weaving Lessons ---Table Center pieces (about 20cm)--- from ¥1400, Place Mats (30cm×2)---from ¥3000, 2 Scarves (over 1.2m)---from ¥6000, Plant Dyeing Method---from ¥1000
   *All use silk thread.
Taken from vol.28 PDF


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