Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swimming Pools in Kochi

Here is an information about 5 swimming pools in Kochi. Please relieve your summer fatigue.

1)Prefectural Gimnasium Swimming Pool
   Address: Sanbashidori 2-1-53, Kochi City
   Fee: 120 yen for adults, 80 yen for SHS & JHS, 40 yen for ESS

2)Kochi City Swimming Pool
   Address: Ohara-cho 158, Kochi City
   Fee: 180 yen for adults, 120 yen for SHS & JHS, 60 yen for ESS

3)Yonettsu Kochi
   Address: Nagahama 6459, Kochi City
   Fee: 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for SHS & JHS, 250 yen for ESS and children aged 3 or over

4)Sunpeer Chres
   Address: Takasusunaji 155, Kochi City
   Fee: 1000 yen for adults & SHS, 600 yen for JHS, 500 yen for ESS and children aged 3 or over

   Address: Hataeda 1185, Nankoku City
   Fee: 900 yen for adults & SHS, 700 yen for JHS, 600 yen for ESS,  300 yen for children aged 1 or over

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