Friday, August 24, 2012

Hand-Made Soba

   Imagine how satisfying it would be to make your own soba, and be able to take it home to eat. There is a place in Kochi that lets you do just this.
   About 40 minutes by bus from JR Kubokawa Station (Dosan Line) you will find “Hokushin no Yakata,” a small building standing inconspicuously next to a mountain hot-spring hotel. You can make your own original soba noodles at this Japanese-style wooden house. Add water little by little to local buckwheat and flour, mix and knead until the dough is as hard as your ear lobe. Roll the dough with a special bar, and when thin enough, fold it into four and then cut evenly.
   The whole operation above takes around one hour, but time flies when you are having fun. The charge is ¥2500 per person with groups of 4 or more. You are asked to make a reservation. It also offers accommodation which is available from ¥4000 without meals.
   Why don’t you enjoy mountain village life in Kochi, make your own soba, and bathe in the nearby hot-spring hotel (¥500) which has an open-air bath?
   Time: 10:30a.m-4:00p.m
   Inquiries: 0880-23-0585

Taken from vol.28 PDF

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