Friday, September 20, 2019

Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign

   The Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign, held by Kochi Prefecture from February 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020, promotes tourism to all regions of Kochi. Building on the previous campaigns that focused on Kochi’s history and food, the current campaign focuses on Kochi’s nature and experiential activities.
Lush forests and Niyodo River

Let’s do some whale watching this summer!

Kochi Prefecture CIR Valerie Teo

   It’s summer.

   When we talk about summer, the sea comes to mind.

   For those who cannot get enough of the sea and would like to try some unusual fun activities, why not try whale watching on the open sea?

   The whale watching season arrives with the end of the rainy season! There are five whale watching tour operators in Kochi, with their snazzy, multilingual website, so we decided to head there.

   On normal weekdays, there is only one whale watching tour a day. However, during the summer holidays, participants can choose from one of three tour times each day, not only on weekends but on weekdays as well. For this report, a KIA staff member and I participated in a tour with six other people, including a group from Hong Kong.
Listening to the staff explaining points to note

Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign “Grape-picking”

This banner greets everyone
   The theme this time is “Nature and Experience Promotion Campaign”, so after examining several activities which fit the theme, we decided to go to Kyohoen, where you can experience grape-picking with minimal materials close to Kochi City.

Kochi Lifestyle Q&A

Q. I want to try out various activities in Kochi! Is there any way I can easily gather information and make reservations?

A. Yes there is! In fact, Kochi just started its Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign. Thanks to this campaign, finding information and reserving activities has gotten much easier.
   First, if you understand Japanese, you can search for activities at This is the perfect place to collect information. On it are suggested itineraries, information on different places and events in Kochi, and even tour packages by various travel companies such as Jalan and Asoview all gathered together. Plus, when you find an activity you would like to try, you can reserve a place on the spot!