Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Enjoy Indonesia !

   1:30pm - 4pm, May 3 (holiday)

   Bentenza, Akaoka-cho Konan City

   Folk Dance (Sumatera, Kalimantan, Jawa, Bali, Papua Dance)
   Indonesian Traditional Musical Instrument (Angklung Show)
   Sing Indonesian songs
   Indonesian Culture Exhibition
   Fashion Show (Indonesian Traditional Clothes)

Ticket Fee:
   900yen (includes snack and souvenir)
   Tickets have been sold out!

   Ameria Bernadethe TEL 090-1170-1980

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mountain Life ①

Tosa mountain energy feeds all kinds of life.

    Are you interested in having a vegetable garden? It seems more people are interested in growing their own vegetables because of the many troubles and incidents concerning food. We interviewed John Moore, a social entrepreneur who propagates the ideas of organic gardening. His philosophy is based on his childhood in his hometown, Ireland, where he was influenced greatly by his grandmother who grew organic vegetables. Currently, Mr. Moore is an instructor at Vegetable Sommelier Foundation: Home Eco Farmer Program and Kochi Plants Academy and runs workshops in farms around Tosa.

Mountain Life ②

Yuki-chan keeps the farm clean of weeds.
   We need to plan it together, I said! Everyone agreed. So I moved to Tosayama. Why? So that we would feel in our bones what the community needed and did not need. What the people, mountains and trees thought and did not think.

Let’s visit Mr. Moore!

Terraced fields in the mountains.
You can get rice and wheat here!
   During a clear and sunny day in January, after an hour long bus ride, we went to visit John Moore, a native of Ireland who is working to revitalize Kochi's mountainous regions by working daily on agricultural activities.

Cat Café

   Have you ever been busy and stressed and just need to relax but not sure how? There is a cat café called “Yumeneko” meaning “dreaming cat” that is sure to release you from all the stress.

   It is located in Kera Otsu, Kochi City and is about 20 minutes away from JR Kochi Station by car. When you first walk into the cat café, you will see many staff cats just lounging around!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Preparing for the Nankai Earthquake ④

Emergency Information Service System

   In the event of a major earthquake, phone lines will be very busy. Therefore, it may be quite difficult for you to reach your family by phone to ask after them. You may not be able to go back home because the transportation system could be damaged.

   Be prepared for situations like this by deciding where you will meet your family in advance. It is also a good idea to leave a note at home that tells where you are evacuating if you decide to leave home after an earthquake. Make sure you decide how you will contact each other

Lifestyle Information ④ - Mental Health Consultation

   The environment around you could change a lot when the new fiscal year starts. You might become sick because you are not able to adjust yourself to it well.

   If you are in bad shape due to sleeplessness or stress, please see a specialist for counseling immediately. The organizations below offer free consultation.

Kochi's Latin like feelings

Expat Column No.18
BY Simone Yoko Kofuji from Brazil

   I came to Japan through an Overseas Technical Trainee Project between Brazil’s Kochi Association and Kochi Prefecture. My parents, who were born in the town of Yusuhara, immigrated to Brazil before I was born. And there, I was born as a Nisei–Second Generation Japanese.

Tsurayuki Sakura Matsuri - Spring Experience of Wearing Japanese Kimono

   The Nankoku International Association (NIA) prepares Kimono for not only women but also for men. You can try to have a green tea. It's served by one of association clubs in Nankoku. Let's enjoy HANAMI (SAKURA flower viewing) under the SAKURA trees in your Kimono.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kochi’s “Yuru-kyara”

Katsuo Ningen
   Do you know what a “Yuru-kyara” is? A “Yuru-kyara” is a character that acts as a mascot for a prefecture or city, or sometimes a company. These characters help promote information for the place they represent, as well as helping to promote the sale of regional goods. Every prefecture has its own characters. Let’s learn a little bit about Kochi’s “Yuru-kyara!”

Kinkon Tosanikki ⑤

A series of four-panel comics called Kinkon Tosanikki appears in the evening edition of the local Kochi Shimbun newspaper.

Genki Tosaben Musical 2012 – “Ekin in Neverland”

Tosaben Musical 2011

   Formed in 1996, GENKI Seinenkai has produced the Tosaben Musical every year, with proceeds from donations supporting students going abroad. This year’s theme is Kochi-born artist Ekin.

Multilingual Consultation Helpline for Foreigners

You can call us anywhere you are in Japan!

   Though I want to be in Japan, I don’t know what should I do. Though I am discriminated, I couldn’t tell to anyone. I do not understand Japanese well, and procedure at government offices is impossible to understand.

   Though I want to enter a Japanese school, I do not know how. I want to go for consultation using my own language.

   Given this kind of trouble, where can I consult using my own language? This service exists anywhere in Japan. The call for consultation is free of charge.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dorome Festival

   This festival is held to pray for a large catch of Dorome (Sardine fry). The main event is a sake skulling competition where men must down 1.8L of rice wine, and women 900mL, accompanied by chants of `Guuuu to Gutto` (Gulp Gulp!). Entrants are given points for speed and style.

Paragliding in Kochi’s Sky!

Paragliding peacefully in the sky!
   Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird when you were young?
   Paragliding is an adventurous but exciting sport. It may seem too scary or dangerous to some people, but I assure that it’s a worthwhile life changing experience!