Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Temple Ghosts

   Once upon a time in the west of Kochi was a sad village – home to a haunted temple. One day, a monk came walking through the town, looking for a place to rest. The villagers told him of the temple, but warned him not to go. However, the monk insisted, and went to the strange temple.

   That evening, he was awoken by the sounds of several ghosts. He crept over and peered through a crack to see a Cyclops, a horse skeleton, a 3-legged chicken, a carp, and a white fox. They were discussing how they planned to eat the monk!
   Unafraid, the monk prayed, and subdued the ghosts with his prayer beads. It turned out that each ghost had a sad story of being abandoned and betrayed by humans. The monk was overwhelmed with sympathy and vowed to gather the bones of the ghosts, and pray for their souls. The town never saw the ghosts again and became a wonderful place to live.

Taken from vol.29 PDF 

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