Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tosa Space Sake & Deep Sea Water Sake

   You may have heard of Space Barley recently, or you may even have heard of Space Yoghurt. But, before all of that, Kochi was the first to create our very own Tosa Space Sake.

   In September 2005, Russia sent the Soyuz rocket up into space. Brewers in Kochi used this opportunity to place on board 6 types of yeast that are used in sake brewing, all of which were developed in Kochi. The yeast spent 10 days in space aboard the rocket, and returned safely to Kochi for sake brewing. Strict standards have been put in place to assure the quality and authenticity of the sake, and in April 2006 the first batch of space sake was released amidst controversy.

   Some say the taste of the sake is quite strong but easy to drink, and of course people buy it for the novelty. Perhaps the aim of the breweries and the “Tenkuro” (literally: to devour the skies) committee, who were the ones to plan the whole project, is to offer people the chance to experience space sickness, whilst pondering them ajestic ways of the universe.

   Another Kochi invention is the Deep Sea Water sake.

   Said to be a “Gift from Earth”, Deep Sea Water sake is brewed from water that has matured for hundreds of years in the depths of the ocean. At more than 200 meters below the surface, Deep Sea Water is untainted by bacteria or pollution, and is very pure and full of natural minerals.

   Because the water is so pure, the corresponding sake that is brewed using this water reflects this purity too, and the sake is said to be fragrant and low in bitterness. One of the 19 Deep Sea Water intakes is in Muroto City, so Kochi Prefecture prides in its production of Deep Sea Water sake.

   Taking us from the bottom of the earth’s crust to the void of the universe, it seems like Kochi never fails to deliver its sake; and apparently its endless supply of blue bottles!

Taken from vol.34 PDF

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