Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kochi’s most beloved candle! Full of warmth for your heart…

Lights up candles in various colors
at night….very peacefull!
   Here is my story about how I’ve come to know Kochi’s most beloved candle. One day I was driving towards the town of Ino with my mom to see my grandparents. Half way there we stopped at the rest area called QRAUD and found a cozy shop selling candles inside; that beautiful image will stay in my mind forever.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Japanese Cultural Experience - Tea Ceremony (Sado) -

   Each year, the Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives provides opportunities for foreign residents in Kochi to learn about Japanese traditional culture.

   This year you can learn about the history and etiquettes of "tea ceremony (sado)" and try to make powdered green tea and drink it. With explanations in English, even beginners will easily understand. Please come and experience a wonderful part of Japanese culture through tea ceremony.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Visiting Sake Warehouse

   The season for sake (rice wine) brewing has come! I instinctively bought one bottle of local sake the other day when I visited a souvenir shop of a roadside station in Kubokawa Town. Generally the brewing of sake starts in November and continues until next March, and you can have a chance to visit local sake warehouses to watch how to make Japanese rice wine and even drink a little.

Cosmos Festival

   Every year there is a Cosmos Festival in Ochicho from October the first to October the sixteenth. About 1,500,000 flowers bloom in a large park.  Cosmos in the park make a lane. We can walk and see cosmos very close up.  The air of the park is very clear because the park is encircled by the river and the mountains.