Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nankoku City’s Shamo Hotpot

Shamo hotpot, born from the
locals pride for Nankoku City.
Revitalizing Nankoku City—The Gomen Shamo Research Consortium’s Initiative
   Shamo were originally bred and raised not for consumption, but for cockfighting. In the old days, birds that lost their fights were used for food in hotpot dishes, but today they are hardly ever eaten. However, we wanted to do something to make Nankoku City into a place that children could be proud to call home! We wanted to revitalize our city! The people of Saitani in Nankoku, had a custom of making shamo hotpot as a memorial to Ryoma Sakamoto (※), so in 2008, five other volunteers and I started city revitalization efforts by combining our “impressive local history” and “bountiful and fresh vegetables”.
(※ It is said that Ryoma Sakamoto loved shamo hotpot and was making it right before he was assassinated.)

Nabeyaki Ramen in Susaki City

Nabeyaki Ramen is served in an
earthenware pot with boiling broth.
   There is a project underway to nationally promote Susaki City, located in the Midwest of Kochi Prefecture, by campaigning for its Nabeyaki Ramen. Nabeyaki Ramen is ramen served in an earthenware pot with boiling broth. A staff member from KIA and a CIR from China visited the Susaki City Tourism Association to interview one of the project’s key people to hear the story behind Nabeyaki Ramen.

Shimanto Pork Donburi Strip in Shimanto Town

The Shimanto Pork Don with balsamic
vinegar with its addictive taste.
We want you to enjoy the “Food” in Shimanto Town
   When you hear the name “Shimanto” the first thing that comes to mind might be the Shimanto River or the popular tourist establishment, the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum. Shimanto is not only rich in tourist destinations, but is also a treasury of food. The town’s society of commerce and industry decided to bring more tourists to the area with the proposal of the “Shimanto Pork Donburi Strip” which started in November of 2012 in preparation for the completion of the Expressway to Shimanto which was completed in December of the same year.

GENKI Seinenkai Tosaben Musical 2014 - Hogwarts Tosa Style School of Witchcraft and Wizardry -

A dance scene

Kinkon Tosanikki ⑬

A series of four-panel comics called Kinkon Tosanikki appears the evening edition of the local Kochi Shimbun newspaper.

Takumi: *aaah*
               “Hot tea is delicious”

Takumi: *another one please*
Grandpa: “But, no matter what you think, haven’t you had too much tea?”

Takumi: *slosh slosh*
Grandpa: “You see, look at your belly…”

Takumi: “I’ve become a human hot water bottle so sleep next to me ♡ ”
Grandpa: “Yeeeeh, I will, I will!”

●Tosaben Tidbit ~ nanbo yutachi ~
The grandfathers line “nanbo yutachi ” in tosaben can be replaced with the standard Japanese “ikura nandemo (no matter how much)” to indicate that the degree of something is too severe. This expression is always followed by a negative comment. In this case the grandfather kindly warns his grandson that he might be “nomisugi (drink too much)” in the cartoon.