Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Totsuka Embroidery Exhibition

Date: 17(Mon.) - 20(Thur.) November 2014
Time: 10am - 7:30pm (4pm on the last day)
Brief Introduction of Totsuka-method embroidery:
   Ms. Kiku Totsuka, the present chairwoman encountered Ms. Inu Miyagawa at a university hospital in Fukuoka after she had graduated from Women's high-school of Hagi. Ms. Miyagawa initiated her European embroidery which was just introduced to Japan. This is how Totsuka-method embroidery was born.  Later, Ms. Totsuka was introduced by Ms. Miyagawa to Ms. Iwamurayama, a handicraft artist, who had just returned from America, and learned genuinely French embroidery from her. Ms. Totsuka not only yielded a lot of work, but modified the stitching method to suit Japanese women by arranging a variety of combination to enable luxurious color scheme, and succeeded to express seasonable design based on Japanese tradition and climate with European embroidery. Today, the feature is called individuality and characteristics of Totsuka-method embroidery.
Further information about Totsuka-method embroidery: