Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dangerous Bugs in Summer

   Dangerous bugs come out as it gets warmer at this time of year. They are different from those which are extremely popular with kids such as beetles and stag beetles to blood-sucking nuisances such as mosquitoes and horseflies. In this article I’ll give you details of the characteristics of the most dangerous bug “wasp” and some countermeasures against it.

   The biggest one of them ”Ō-suzumebachi” (Vespa mandarinia) is believed to be one of the most dangerous wild animals in Japan, and measures 3 to 5cm in length. Every year quite a few people are stung to death by this wasp.

   Wasps instinctively attack black moving things, so you should avoid wearing black clothes and if you have black hair, keep it under a hat when you go out to places where wasps are likely to live. As some perfumes or hair products contain substances that can make them excited, it is advisable to use cosmetics as little as possible when you go into nature.

   In the event that you are stung by a wasp, first of all it is IMPORTANT to remove the venom immediately and as much as possible from your body. Being easily dissolvent in water, their poison can be washed away with clean water by pinching the sting with fingers and squeezing the venom out. It is a mistaken myth that you’ll be cured by pouring urine on the affected area. Please go directly to the nearest hospital as soon as the emergency treatment is finished.

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