Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in High Schools

March 12, 2013
Evergreen English School, a well established language school in Kochi, is seeking experienced and qualified teachers in High Schools as an ALT.
We have full time positions starting in April 8th, 2013 (1 year contract).
Monthly salary  annual salary ¥2,400,000~
Bonus:  performance Bonus at the completion of the contract
Working days: Monday~Friday
Paid leave: Long summer holidays and winter, spring
Travelling expenses: ¥16/km for fuel. up to ¥10,000 /month
Location:  Sukumo City, Shimanto City
A candidate must have a university degree and be a native English speaker.
Previous ALT experience is an asset but not required.
We help you to find accommodation and buy an automobile.
Please come and meet us, it is 5 minutes walk from Kochi City Hall. We offer you a good salary package and excellent working conditions.
Please apply with a cover letter together with CV, or you can just simply call us @088-872-3188 or send an e-mail to

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Prefectural Government Hospitality Division

  On May 11th (Saturday), the movie “Kencho Omotenashi-ka (The Prefectural Government Hospitality Division)” will be released! It is based on the actual Hospitality Division in the Kochi Prefectural Government, and features many of the prefecture’s sightseeing spots, such as the Niyodo River and Cape Muroto.
   Everyone is eagerly awaiting this movie, which was made thanks to the cooperation of all of Kochi Prefecture! With that in mind, we would like to take some time to talk about the work of both the real and fictional Hospitality Division.

Here’s the real Hospitality Division

   Since the novel “Kencho Omotenashi-ka” is being made into a movie, we have decided to interview the deputy director of the Hospitality Division, Machi Yukimune.

Spring Recipe in Tosa

   Itadori (Japanese knotweed) is a large, herbaceous perennial plant, and is also called Sukampo, Itampo or Dongui. Its stem has uniquered mottles and peeps out from the ground. You can find itadoris easily and pick many of them since they grow in colonies. Itadoris are gathered early spring, preserved in salt and served year round only in Kochi. Itadori has oxalic acid, making it a bit sour.
   Here is a simple itadori recipe cooked in Kochi.

Genki Seinenkai Tosaben Musical 2013 “Tosa Wars”

A scene from Tosaben Musical 2012 "Ekin in Neverland"
This year’s theme is “Star Wars”!
   Luke has been forced to do strict study by his workaholic father so he can get a good job. One day, he decides to run away to his grandfather’s house in Kochi. Luke’s grandfather decides to show him “Star Wars.”
   When he falls asleep, he dreams that he is in the Star Wars universe. There, he joins the rebel forces, who are fighting against an evil corporation working to destroy the countryside. In order to become stronger, Luke must become one with his roots and master the “Tosa” power. Will he be able to save the countryside?

Kinkon Tosanikki ⑨

A series of four-panel comics called Kinkon Tosanikki appears in the evening edition of the local Kochi Shimbun newspaper.
Takumi: Oh, look at that person!
Grandpa: Don’t stare!
Takumi: Wow, you can see their belly button!
Grandpa: (Cat-calling)
Grandpa: …