Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nakajimacho Catholic Church

   The Nakajimacho Catholic Church is located about a minute’s walk west of the south building of Kochi City Hall. The present building of the church was constructed in 1958. Many foreign believers, a lot of whom are from the Philippines, gather at the church for the Holy Mass in English conducted at 3:15pm every Sunday.

   After the Holy Mass, they all gather at the Priestly House to chat in their languages while having tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. There is nothing better than the sense of ease they feel while chatting in their mother tongue. They sometimes bring along with them dishes to the church for their fellow believers’ birthdays or on feast days and share them with all.

   A priest is available for a confession at any time. Their worries are also alleviated by talking amongst themselves at the church. They go for a karaoke session to release some stress from time to time, and many seasonal events such as Christmas parties and Easter parties also take place at the church.

Contact: TEL088-872-3658

Taken from vol.37 PDF

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