Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Retreat

   There are many opportunities to go for a swim in the sea or waterfront to soothe the summer heat on hot summer’s day, but instead, why don’t you go up to the calm mountains that have plenty of fresh cool air and be surrounded by greenery to refresh your sun-tired body and spirit?

   At Tengukogen, located on the border between Kochi prefecture and Ehime prefecture, (altitude 1,400m) there are bright blue skies and star-filled nights. You can enjoy hiking, forest bathing and stargazing in the summer. Watching the wonderful starry sky at a campsite or lodge to cool off on a hot summer’s night feels great.

Campsite Info
   Place:Takaokagun Tsuno Town
   Tel: 0889-62-3188 (HotelTengusou)
   Price:Tent ¥525 / Lodge ¥5,250 (Max 4 people)

   Kajigamori (altitude 1,400m) is located in Otoyo Town and it is one of the mountains popular for its great landscape. The carriageway has been paved up to the top of the mountain but you can appreciate the nature much more by hiking. There is a waterfall which was selected as one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan in 1990, as well as the evergreen and deciduous trees surrounding you. Why don’t you feel the breezy freshness as a breath of fresh air full of minus ions?

Taken from vol.12 PDF

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