Friday, August 24, 2012

Make Katsuo no Tataki (lightly roasted bonito)

   In Saga, Kuroshio Town, your can make “katsuo no tataki” (lightly roasted bonito) at the “Kuroshio-ichibankan”. This dish is the crowning glory of culinary culture in Kochi. This facility gives you a chance to experience authentic tataki making using a fire fueled with straw. It’s open between March and November. A minimum of two people must apply for the lesson to go ahead. The fee is from ¥3150 per person including a meal using a whole bonito, featuring your own handmade tataki. Reservation is required.

Access: Walk 20min. from Tosa Saga Sta. on the Tosakuroshio Line
Inquiries: 0880-55-3680

Taken from vol.28 PDF

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