Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weird and Scary Insects in Kochi

   What they don’t tell you before you arrive in Kochi is that it happens to be the home of a plethora of creepy-crawlies seemingly from out of this world! Let’s take a look at just three of them.


   With 15 pairs of legs, several feelers which are longer than its body, and a floating-style of locomotion, this must be Kochi’s most unpleasant bug. Being nocturnal, you will often see them in your headlights as they scuttle away just like the ‘Makkuro-kurosuke’ from Miayazaki Hayao’s anime.

   Much more dangerous are mukade – centipedes. Much larger than what most foreigners are used to, Japanese mukade are poisonous, and are known to attack humans with their painful sting. Apparently, you can kill them with green tea!

   Literally ‘Sparrow Moth’, this insect looks and acts just like a hummingbird. Its wings flap so fast you cannot see them as they flit from flower to flower.

Taken from vol.19 PDF

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