Thursday, August 16, 2012

Manbō (Sunfish)

   Do you know the sunfish (“manbō”), one of the most popular fish exhibited in aquariums in Japan, with lovable appearance and cute swimming style, is eaten in Kochi?

   Some may feel sorry for the fish, but it is said that people began to eat them after they happened to get tangled in fixed nets meant to catch other fish. People found it surprisingly delicious! In Kochi, people in Muroto enjoy eating the fish prepared in many different ways.

Sunfish Sumisoae
   The flesh of the sunfish is juicy but has a very light taste. Its distinct firm texture and mild-taste mean it is ideal for “sashimi”. But one of the special recommendations for those who can’t handle sliced rawfish is Kimo-no-Misoni (Sunfish stewed with miso and its own liver). The exquisite, unique flavour of the lever will no doubt endear you to this unusual fish.

   Tempura and Sumisoae (Sunfish in a sour miso sauce with boiled green onions) is another good way to eat Sunfish. If you have a chance to visit Muroto, please be sure to try some “manbō” cuisine.

Taken from vol.18 PDF

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