Monday, August 20, 2012


   When you are ill and want to see a doctor, how do you search for hospitals? If you prefer to go somewhere near your home or be able to correspond in your own language, sometimes you may have difficulty finding one. I’ll tell you about a website, “Kochi-Iryo-Net”, that can help you find such a hospital immediately.

   “Kochi-Iryo-Net” is a convenient website that tells you information about emergency, hospitals, clinics, dentists and pharmacies in Kochi. What you have to do is input your language, medical condition and location into the website. Then a list of hospitals that applies to those requirements is displayed and the user can select the best one from it.

   In addition, when you have to go to the hospital right away, it is very useful because this website tells you which hospitals are open at the moment. Furthermore, you can use this service not only by PC but also by cell phone. You can look for the nearest hospital by using your cell phone’s GPS. Please check this website if you have trouble finding hospitals.

Taken from vol.39 PDF

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