Friday, August 17, 2012

Travelling light to the airport

   When you are going abroad or travelling back to your own country, carrying a lot of luggage to and from the international airport can be hardwork.

   Travelling light makes sense especially when living in Kochi where it is a long way to get to either Kansai or Narita airports.

   Kansai airport offers a good pick up service. They will come to your house and pick up your suitcases, and you can collect them at a counter at the airport. Counters are located at both the northern and southern ends of the fourth floor (international departures). It’s best to book three to four days before you’re due to fly.

   Other services are available, such as temporary storage facilities, and delivery services for baggage and souvenirs brought back from overseas. For more information on baggage delivery and collection services from Kansai airport, go to : (English)

   Narita International Airport also provides similar services, but before you book the pick up service, make sure to check which terminal you are using.
Narita airport website: (English)

Taken from vol.39 PDF

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