Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hata Surf Dojo

   I left the Goldcoast in Australia in 1994 to come look for waves in Japan. I found my waves in here in Hata, but what I also found were kind people, traditional living, and a laid-back atmosphere.

   I then decided to settle here in Hata and made friends with nature. At times I would wait for big waves to come along with the typhoons, at much reprove from the locals, and at other times I would teach English to the locals at school.

   From the experiences I’ve had teaching at a surf school in Australia, and from the love for Japanese culture, I decided to set up “Hata Surf Dojo”.

   Our school not only teaches surfing as a sport, but we treat surfing as a lifestyle. So if you would like to start surfing, to test your skills against the waves, and moreover, would like to take up surfing as a form of lifestyle, then we welcome you to Hata Surf Dojo!

   We run lessons almost daily from May through to November. The course for beginners: ¥5,000 for two hours per person. Hours: 9:30a.m.-11.30a.m.
Inquiries: Bruce Dillon (in English and Japanese)
3570-1 Ukibuchi Kuroshio-cho
TEL:0880-43-3309 /Mobile:090-1576-4489

Taken from vol.37 PDF

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