Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What attracts you to “Ichi”

   We can see a variety of “Ichi” (markets) in Kochi. They have different names such as Nichiyō-Ichi (Sunday Market), Ryōshin-Ichi (Honesty Markets), Chokuhansho (Direct-Selling Markets), etc.

   I think that a common characteristic of all is “confidence”. Producers harvest their agricultural products, lay them out at their stall and sell them in person on the same day. Because you meet the producers face-to-face while shopping, you can have more confidence in their merchandise.

   Please try to ask more about their products and bargain as well if you can speak Japanese. You will be able to enjoy the experience much more than just shopping. It may be that you have some trouble conversing with “obachan” (middle-aged women) vendors who speak Tosa dialect with a strong accent. But don’t worry, just try to talk to them with a smile! You may discover new things about Kochi.

Taken from vol.17 PDF

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