Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Koshin Manga Dojo & Kuroshio Manga Taisho

   Do you regularly read the Kochi Newspaper? Each month, they have a manga column, called “Koshin Manga Dojo,” to which readers can contribute their own manga. This special column was started in February 1987 for amateur manga writers who wanted to put their skills to the test.

  Since August 2001 winning works are printed in the newspaper once a month, after being judged by the professional manga writer and “Koshin Manga Dojo” leader, Riki Kusaka. Submissions never fail to be interesting, dealing with unique themes such as politics, sport, seasons, and daily life.Whether you love writing manga, or are only thinking about trying your hand at the art, why not submit your work? You may win and your manga would be featured in the Kochi Newspaper!
http://www.kochinews.co.jp/ (Japanese only)
Submission Criteria
Works: Works should be submitted by persons who were born in, or reside in Kochi Prefecture. Unpublished works only. No limit for number of works contributed at one time. On the reverse side of your work, write your name, address, age, occupation/school, and phone number. Your contributed works will not be returned. Several winners’ works are chosen to be put on the Kochi Newspaper website.
Size: One-panel or four-panel. Black and white, or color. Use white B5 paper.
Due date: At the beginning of every month (Check newspaper or the column website for details)
Postal address: 〒780-8572 Kochi Shimbun-sha Henshu-kyoku Gakugei-bu “Koshin Manga Dojo“
Prize: Special winner (1 person) = 5000 yen, Winner (several persons) = 3000 yen
Result: In the morning newspaper at the end of every month

Kuroshio Manga Taisho
   This is an annual manga contest run by the Kochi Newspaper. If you dream of becoming a professional manga writer, this is your chance! Many winners go on to become professional manga artists. Check detailed information on the web:

Taken from vol.30 PDF

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