Friday, August 24, 2012

Study Japanese Culture in Kochi

   If you want to enrich your life in Kochi, or make more Japanese friends, why don’t you take classes in Japanese culture with likeminded individuals?

   Koshin Bunka Kyoshitsu, one of the biggest Japanese culture schools in Kochi, offers a variety of Japanese culture courses including flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, ink painting, haiku, classical Japanese dance and Japanese chess.
   The courses run on a semester system- one is from April through September and the other from October through March. As a rule, learners are expected to attend a class for sixmonths.
   While most of the courses are given once a week, some are intensive courses for a short term. The school has three locations; Kochi City, Ino Town, Tosa City and Shimanto City. For more information such as dates and fees, please check out the school’s website, written only in Japanese or call their office 088-825-4322.

Taken from vol.28 PDF

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