Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love Letters from Ryoma and Yanase-sugi

   Are you looking for a unique gift from Kochi? A gift only found in Kochi that has recently been all the rage is toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper.

   Printed on the “Love Letters from Ryoma” toilet paper pictured above are encouraging messages written in the voice of Sakamoto Ryoma, Kochi-born national hero. For example, on the packaging is the line “Are you troubled? There is no one to hear you so just let it all out. Then, you can flush it all away.”

   This humorous novelty item is made by a paper manufacturing company of Tosa City, famous for their high-quality toilet paper, their finest being sold at 5000 yen for 3 rolls. That may be a bit of a plunge, but the Ryoma toilet paper is being sold at a more affordable 300 yen per roll in many gift shops, larger supermarkets, and even online.

A bag made from Yanase ceder
   If you are looking for something more lasting, you should check out the numerous products made from Yanase sugi—Japanese cedar (cryptomeria japonica) from the Yanase region in northern Umaji Village—that is one of the most famous cedars in Japan and also Kochi’s prefectural tree. Of course there are the usual tableware, serving trays, vases, pens and photo frames, but you can also find unique items such as business cards, postcards, coasters, mouse pads, calculators, cushions, and even bags made with fine yanase wood.

   Many of these items are made from the wood of trees thinned from the forest and so are ecologically friendly. Besides the Yanase cedar, there are many items made from Kochi cypress and bamboo that are also popular gift items. These can be found at specialty gift shops all over Kochi.

Taken from vol.36 PDF

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  1. You can include a poem in your letter to your partner. They look amazingly sweet. Poems are definitely not everybody's forte. You need to have that talent. However, if you go to the trouble, it will surely melt away the heart of your lover.