Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Food Culture in Kochi - Introduction to local dishes

・Sawachi-ryori is an essential part of any Kochi banquet. Delicious meals such as assorted sashimi, sushi, boiled food, fried food, and dessert such as azuki-bean jelly and various kinds of fruit are arranged artistically on a large ceramic plate.


・Inaka-zushi…This type of sushi uses local wild vegetables such as bamboo shoots, konnyaku, and ryukyu (the stem of the hasu-imo yam). Inaka-zushi is often sold at the Sunday market and agricultural cooperative stores.

Utsubo tataki

・Utsubo (Moray Eel) dish…Moray eel is not eaten except for in Kochi and Wakayama. In Kochi, we eat them deep fried or as tataki (sliced and lightly roasted). Its flavor and texture are yummy! It’s available in Tosa restaurants or Izaka-ya.

Taken from vol.24 PDF