Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kappa Backpackers

The Yodo-line runs right next to the guesthouse
Shimanto River, the last clear stream in Japan, only a minute away!
   About 8 minutes walking distance from Tokawa Station on the Yodo Line, Shimanto-Cho’s first ever guesthouse preopened in July. The property, a former abandoned house which the owner rented out, is currently being renovated with major layout changes and new interior design. It is located next to the Yodo Line railroad, which is only a one minute walk from Shimanto River! Time seems to go by slower in this area, which is surrounded by mountains and the river. This time, a CIR and KIA staff member stayed at the guesthouse and gathered information.
Sprawling mountains are only a short walk

Harimayabashi Guesthouse

Uonotana shopping arcade
A historical arcade from the Edo period
2 minutes walking from popular tourist destination “Harimayabashi”! A guesthouse in a great location
Socializing area
There were travelers from Indonesia,
Japan, and France when we visited
   Located adjacent to Harimayabashi shopping arcade is Uonotana shopping arcade, where Harimayabashi Guesthouse stands. People from Japan and all around the world have gathered here ever since it opened in August 2015. The building is a renovated kamaboko shop, and has a Japanese modern design which creates a comfortable atmosphere. Meeting fellow lodgers by chance and having a great conversation with them could become a memorable part of your travels.

Katsuo Guesthouse

The exterior resembles the sea

This guesthouse serves as an embassy for Kochi!
The owner, Maki Maeda. Discuss your travel
plans and any other questions with her.
   Maki Maeda is the owner of Katsuo Guesthouse. After working for 9 years in editing for a local information magazine, her dream was to start her own business, and so she refurbished her grandfather’s house, and opened the guesthouse in 2012. Maeda thought up the concept for the design of the whole house, down to the minute detail in each bedroom, bathroom and toilet room. For example, if you look carefully at the interior of the toilet room door which depicts the Shimanto River, you can see “Chinkabashi” (low water crossings with no rails or parapets so they are not washed away by floods) hidden in the design. In fact, people have been inspired to move to the prefecture as a result of staying at this guesthouse, which encapsulates “Kochi”.
Lots of information about Kochi is available
when you arrive at the guesthouse.

Kochi Life Q&A : Tosa Hashiken

Tosa Hashiken National Contest
   The Kochi City CIRs and KIA staff participated in the “Tosa Hashiken National Contest” which is held every year on October 1, by the Kochi Sake Brewing Association. As the opening declaration stated, we were able to experience many of Kochi’s good points including “good sake and food” “friendly Kochi people” and “a fun party”. Why don’t you try going next year?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kochi Performing Arts Festival 2016 Sandaime Richard

Written by Hideki Noda

Directed by Ong Keng Sen

Date: 14th(Wed) Dec

Tickets: \2,500 (Student: \1,500)/ Advance Tickets: \2,000 (Student: \1,000) (Tax included)

Venue: Museum Hall
More info: