Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Desuka IC Card

Image of the Desuka IC card
   Starting from Jan. 25 in 2009, the Desuka IC card, a new public transportation payment system, is available on buses and tramcars in Kochi City and several other municipalities around the city. Passengers with the IC card are able to pay the fare without worrying about having to carry change.

   Card users are also able to collect points equivalent to 5% of their user expenses, which can be used again for bus or tram fare. Moreover, eco-points accumulated by using the IC card are donated to local environmental conservation activities.

   The Desuka IC card will save you more money and be more eco-friendly the more you use it.  2000 yen is the minimum card value, but 500 yen acts as a deposit that is paid back to you when you return the card. You are able to recharge the card (¥1000 minimum recharge) on the bus and tramcar.

   The Desuka IC card, however, is not available on JR trains or the Gomen-Nahari Line. Please ring 088-833-7195 or see its website (Japanese only) for orders and inquiries.

Taken from vol.27 PDF

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