Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zen Meditation

   Zen is the way of the human form that is buffed up with the traditions of Oriental culture. Zen’s goal is to seek enlightenment through Zen meditation and other disciplines. It was introduced to Japan from India through China between the late 12th century and the early 13th century.

   During Zen meditation one sits in a cross-legged position for around an hour with half opened eyes. Make a circle on the knees putting the tips of the left fingers on the right ones and touching the tip of the both thumbs, straighten the back and count every breath pushing everything else out of mind.

   I have been doing Zen meditation once a week for about 5 years now. First I wanted to seek a pure mind but during Zen meditation idle thoughts come to me. However, I think after many Zen meditations my dirty heart has become cleaner little by little. I am very far from enlightenment still, so I will continue Zen meditation.

   Anyone can practice Zen meditation. If you are interested in it, please try it out!

Ningen Zen Shikoku Ashram Tel: 088-862-0830 (Ueta 1143-1, Nankoku City)
Website: (Japanese only)

Taken from vol.3 PDF

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