Friday, August 17, 2012

“Small Packets” Shipping Method

   Sending a package overseas can be very costly. But did you know that packages under 2kgs can be sent by post at comparatively cheaper prices than heavier ones?

   For example, sending a 3.6kg package from Kochi to California by SAL (a shipping method that treats packages as surface mail within each country but airmail between countries) would cost over ¥6000. If you were to split this into two packages however, each 1.8kg package would cost ¥1880 to send, making the total ¥3760.

  To use this shipping method called kogata housou butsu or “Small Packets,” the box must be less than 90cm in total (length + width+ height) with the length between 14-60cm, the width more than 9cm, and the weight less than 2kg. Also, a customs declaration sticker must be filled out and attached (available at the post office).

   If you are planning to send a package over 2kg, you may want to consider splitting the contents into smaller packages less than 2kg if possible. You could save yourself some money! Check the post office’s English website for more shipping methods and details:

Taken from vol.39 PDF

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