Friday, August 17, 2012

Parking lots around Kochi Airport

   You may have many opportunities to use Kochi Airport on a variety of occasions such as travel, business trips and driving your friends to and from the airport. Here is good news for those who use a car for transportation to the airport.

   You can find the airport-run parking lot in front of the entrance of the airport and many private parking lots around the airport. They each offer their own discount services.

   The airport-run parking lot provides you a one-hour free parking service worth ¥150 if you eat and drink more than ¥2,000 worth or buy something more than ¥3,000 inside the airport. I would recommend you use a prepaid card, which costs ¥10,000 but has ¥11,300 worth if you are a frequent user of the airport.

   I would recommend you use one of the private parking lots when you want to park your car for a few days. Because the private parking lots are a little distant from the airport, they keep their parking fee cheaper (¥600-¥700 per night) than that of the airport-run parking lot.

   All of them drive you to and from the airport so you don’t need to carry your heavy luggage with you. Some give you a discount ticket for the next time you use their parking lot.

Airport-run parking lot website:

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