Thursday, August 23, 2012

I’m a BIG FAN of Ryoma!

   There are many Ryoma fans all over Japan and abroad. 120 groups are registered as Ryoma Fan Club homepages. Each group holds seminars and study tours related to the history of Ryoma with broad networks thoughout Japan. Since 1989, “The National Conference of Ryoma” has been held annually.

   In Kamimachi 3-chome, Kochi City, there is a coffee shop where Ryoma fans get together. The cafe “SAITANIYA” was built at the ruins of the house of the Saidani family, which was the head family of Ryoma. In the 30+ year-old cafe, there aremanymaterials related to Ryoma, and the wall is decorated with drawings of Ryoma presented by fans.You must try the “Ryoma coffee,” then perhaps you will become a Ryoma fan too…?!
Ryoma Fan Club (Japanese only)
Japan Ryoma Shachuu (Japanese only)

Taken from vol.33 PDF

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