Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pottery in Aki

  Going back 14,000 years to the Jomon Period, Japan’s relationship with pottery is one of the oldest in the world. Now, you too can be a part of that legacy! At the Uchiharano Pottery Centre in Aki you can try your hand at making cups, bowls, plates or anything else you can imagine.

   For ¥2100 you can make up to 2 pieces with 1 kg of clay, and for ¥2830 you can make up to 3 pieces with 1.5 kg. The Centre will both bake and paint your piece for you in a color of your choice. In 6 weeks you can pick it up, or they can mail it to you.

   You can also paint ready-made pieces (starting at ¥730), make glass Tombodama balls (¥2300) or decorate glass with a sandblaster (starting at ¥1050). Reservations are required for making the Tombodama, and people with reservations get priority for the other courses.

   The Centre is located a tad north of Aki Station. Call 0887-32-0308 for inquiries and reservations. They are open from 9am to 5pm, but you must arrive before 3pm to make pottery. They are closed on Wednesdays and for the winter holidays.

Taken from vol.28 PDF

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