Friday, August 17, 2012

Nabeyaki Ramen

   Don’t you feel like having some hot food on a cold day? “Nabeyaki ramen” is a good food to warm you up. Nabeyaki (meaning: hot pot) ramen is a local specialty in Susaki city, located to the west of Kochi.

   The soup is chicken broth with soy sauce, and the noodles are hard and thin. Usually the ingredients are very simple: spring onion, chikuwa fish rings and raw egg. In addition, takuan (Japanese radish pickles) is always added as a side menu.

   Above all else, the bowl of the Nabeyaki ramen is most characteristic. Usually ramen is eaten from a regular bowl, but Nabeyaki ramen is served in a hot donabe (clay pot). Nabeyaki ramen is cooked on the stovetop and all the ingredients are simmered in the clay pot, then served to your table while it is still boiling. The pot keeps the ramen hot while you are eating.

   Most people order rice with ramen because the soup matches rice very well. Nabeyaki ramen buffs would often put rice into the rest of the soup, and eat it like zōsui (Japanese porridge).Try it sometime!

Hashimoto shokudo
   There are over 40 restaurants of Nabeyaki ramen in Susaki. “Hashimoto shokudo” and “Mayumi no mise” are very famous among them. However you might want to find your favorite one from the lot because the tastes and ingredients are different at each restaurant.

Taken from vol.40 PDF

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