Monday, August 13, 2012

Spring Water

Antoku Spring
   As you already know, Kochi has an abundance of water.Ground water wells up from many places in Kochi, too. Its temperature is constant so it feels cool in the summer and warm in winter.

   As the quality of water varies, it might be prudent for you to take proper measures such as using a sterilization instrument or boiling it so that you can drink it without fear of disease. I myself use spring water in my house but I don’t take such measures when drinking it and I have no health problems to report at present.

   The water of the Antoku Spring in Ochi Town is listed among the “100 best waters in Japan” selected by the Environment Agency (presently the Environment Ministry) in 1985. The Taira clan led by Tomomori was defeated at the Battle of Yashima in 1185 and fled into the Shikoku Mountains with the infant Emperor Antoku. More than 80 members of the clan arrived at Mt. Yokokura and built 25 houses to form a capital there.

   Legend has it that they used the spring water gushing there as drinking water for the emperor.

Directions to the Antoku Spring:
   Drive to Ochi Town along Route 33 from Kochi City (60 min), then up to the third parking lot of Mt. Yokokura from the town (about 15 min), and then walk along the trail to the spring (10 min).

Taken from vol.31 PDF

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