Thursday, August 16, 2012

Momiji (Deer) Burger

   Momiji (Deer) Burger was developed to make good use of deer captured to prevent further damage to agricultural products and forests in Kochi. “Momiji”, which means red maple leaves in Japanese, was used as a code word for deer by olden-day monks who were not supposed to eat meat at the time.

   Befukyō Onsen in Monobe, Kami City is a place to try out a Momiji Burger in Kochi. They sell the burgers with French fries and yuzu (a kind of citrus fruit) juice at the price of ¥530 on Sundays and national holidays. The hot spring there is open to all visitors. Why not go for a soak and then savor a Momiji Burger for the preservation of Kochi’s environment?

★Befukyō Onsen Info★
Access: Take JR bus at JR Tosayamada Sta. to Ōdochi (about 45min.), then take city-run bus to Befukyō Onsen Mae (about 35min.)
Entrance fee to the onsen: ¥600 for adults, ¥1,700 for a bath for families (one-hour use)

Taken from vol.40 PDF

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