Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ryōshin-ichi ~The Honesty Market~

   When you walk along a road or a path in the countryside, you may happen to see a shed-like set of shelves laden with fruits and vegetables etc. All the goods have price tags and there is a small box to put your money in. As there is no shop assistant, all you need do is deposit your money and take your goods.

   These are called ‘Ryoushin-ichi ~Honesty Markets’ in Kochi. In other prefectures, they are just called ‘Un-manned Markets’. The name ‘Honesty Market’ is peculiar to Kochi.

   The sellers trust customers, and the customers don’t betray this trust, making such markets feasible. The honesty markets are usually managed by nearby farmers, who offer fresh fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price. Why not try them out?

Taken from vol.17 PDF

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