Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hino-miko River Campsite

   The site runs along a branch of the Monobe River. There is a bungalow and a tennis court, and a children's park. (Check in-15:00 / out 11:00 )

Charge for facilities: 250 yen (more than 3 years old)
Site fee: 1000 yen for tents
Address: 59 Nishinomine, Kahokucho, Kami City
Inquiries: 0887-59-3111 (Health Center Serene )
Access: Go to Tokushima region on Route 195 from Nankoku City. Turn left at Michino-eki Birafu in Kahoku-cho, and follow the road to the campsite.

Taken from vol.12 PDF

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