Friday, August 31, 2012

Kochi’s Hidden Village

   Thanks to amalgamations, there are now even more great places within Kochi’s city limits. One of these is former Tosayama village. A close friend of mine lives in a converted farmhouse in the town, and so I have the pleasure of visiting the area 2 or 3 times a month. Despite being only 30mins from the city, it’s as if you’ve entered a different world!
   Whether I sit by the headwaters of the Kagami river reading, or spend hours soaking in the Tosayama Auberge onsen, I am always refreshed by the trip. I’ve been particularly impressed by the active community around the Nakagawa area. Facing up to a declining population, they plan various events and try to revitalize their town. Deciding that the town needed a hotel, they convinced a company to set up the Tosayama Auberge hotel.
   The farmers of the area have also got together to promote organic agriculture. Locals also get together to put on the friendliest festivals I have experienced, including the Higan-bana Fesitval, the Firefly Festival and the O-bon Festival. It seems to me that Tosayama has preserved something that the rest of Japan has forgotten. Why not visit when you get the chance?

Taken from vol.21 PDF

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