Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mountain Witch and the Rice Balls

   A poor man named Seibei once lived in what is now Tsuno Town. Despite being very poor, every new-year he made sure he had enough money to make rice balls for his children to eat.

   One day, as he and his wife were making the mochi rice balls, an old woman with wild silver hair burst into his house. “Can I help you make the rice balls?” she asked. Seibei was grateful for any help, and they finished in no time. “Would you like anything in return?” asked Seibei. All the woman wanted was to be allowed to come each year to help make the rice balls. Seibei agreed, and the woman promised that Seibei would be blessed with happiness and prosperity. Each year this ritual continued, until Seibei became very rich.
   So rich, that he became arrogant, and decided he no longer wanted a dirty old woman to help make his rice balls. So he broke their agreement, and made the rice balls without her.When she arrived to help, she flew into a rage, and left, muttering “No more!” Soon after, Seibei lost all his money and he and his family became sick. He had incurred the wrath of the mountain witch.

Taken from vol.29 PDF

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