Thursday, April 26, 2012

Annual Bonito Festival

   2.5 tons of new Bonito fish will be polished off at this indulgent festival in Nakatosa. Come along and partake of char-grilled bonito, bonito rice, bonito soup, a ‘Luxury Bonito Set’ and other delicacies only available here in the town of the Bonito.

Time: Sun May 20, 2012 10:00am-3:00pm
Place: Event Plaza in front of Nakatosa Kure Hachiman Shrine
Access: About 7mins walk from JR Tosa Kure Station
Inquiries: Nakatosa Town Fisheries, Commerce and Industry Division

Wisteria Festival

   130 people parade through the town dressed in the traditional wear of the Muromachi Era (1336-1573). Each will be wearing a colourful outfit appropriate to their job description. It will be as if an ancient scroll has come to life in Nakamura.

Time: Thurs May 3rd, 2012 (Public Holiday)
Place: Around Ichijo Shrine and the streets of Shimanto City
Access: About 5mins by car from Nakamura Station on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway
Inquiries: Shimanto City Chamber of Commerce TEL:0880-34-4333

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paper Carp Streamers in Niyodo River

   About 200 colorful and various sizes of carp streamers made from non-woven paper, one of Ino town’s specialty products, swim in the Niyodo River every year in May. Take a picture of them from the Niyodo Bridge. Riverboat excursions, food markets and tea ceremony demonstrations will also be held.

Date: 3rd to 5th May, 2012 (holidays)
Place: Riverside of Niyodo river in Ino town

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Japanese Classes by NIA

The Nankoku City International Association (NIA) provides the following two Japanese classes from May 2012.

Date & Time May 9th, 2012 start 35times every Wednesday  19:00~21:00
Place           NISSYO FUKUSHI KORYU Center (Tamura Nankoku city)
Fee              100 yen(per time)

(2)NIHONGO KYOSHITSU ~advanced course of Japanesae language~
Date&time May 9th, 2012 start 35times every Wednesday  19:00~21:00
Place       NISSYO FUKUSHI KORYU Center (Tamura Nankoku city)
Fee         100yen(1time)

NIA TOMONAGA 090-4332-7652

Monday, April 16, 2012

For Those Interested in Learning Japanese

   The Kochi International Association (KIA) provides an opportunity to learn and practice Japanese. We offer 3 different level of classes; Basic Class 1 is for beginners, Basic Class 2 is for beginners-intermediate and Basic Class 3 is for intermediate level. To register for classes, please fill out the attached application form and return to KIA.

Foreign Book Delivery Service

   Foreign books (mainly English books) are now available to borrow from the KIA.
 Search by Title(excel file)
 Search by Author(excel file)

   You can pick up any books listed above from your nearest public library(excel file) if you live in Kochi Prefecture, except in Kochi City by filling out a request form below and sending it by e-mail or fax to the KIA.
  Request form(excel file)

*The books will be delivered to your designated facility in around one week after receiving your application form.
*You may borrow up to five books at a time.
*The books are loaned for 4 weeks after sending them out from the KIA.
*The books must be returned to the location you picked them up by the date written on the slip attached to them.
E-mail:  Fax: 088-875-4929