Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nankoku City International Association (NIA)

   NIA was established in 2002. Despite being relatively new, this organization is one of the most active in Kochi. As you can imagine from the name of the organization, it bases its activities in Nankoku City. The most distinctive feature of the organization is that even those who don’t reside in Nankoku City can become a member of the organization.

   The members actively interact with foreign citizens, mainly exchange students at the agricultural and medical departments of Kochi University and Kochi National College of Technology in Nankoku City and their families. They enjoy regular potluck parties, organize Japanese culture experience events and hold Japanese language courses.

   NIA contributes to local internationalization by uniting Japanese citizens with foreign citizens, and aims at an integrated society.

   For more information regarding NIA, please check its website
http://www.nacia.jp/ (in Japanese)
Inquiries: TEL:090-4332-7652
Email:salut_navigatoria@yahoo.co.jp (in Japanese, English, Tagalog and Chinese)

Taken from vol.37 PDF

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