Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Figures in Kochi - Chiyo (1557-1617)

   Chiyo was the wife of the first Tosa feudal lord Katsutoyo Yamauchi. Her husband was renowned for his achievements in the Battle of Sekigahara of 1600, and she is widely known as his “devoted wife.”
   This couple is very famous for the story in which Katsutoyo’s fine horse caught the eye of his lord Oda Nobunaga. Chiyo hrewdly had bought this horse for her husband using her own dowry.

   Chiyo, who represents all that a Japanese wife was expected to be in that golden era, is immortalized by a statue erected high above the city center in the grounds of Kochi Castle. As you climb the main castle stairs, you will find a small square where people can take a break. There you will find the statue of Chiyo with her well-known horse. It’s a great spot to eat lunch and have a chat with friends.

Taken from vol.26 PDF

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