Monday, September 24, 2012

Kinoko Gari (Mushroom Picking)

   Autumn is the season when many mushrooms are harvested in Kochi. Sadly, no farms open their doors for the public to enjoy mushroom picking. On the other hand, it is not recommended that you pick mushrooms unless you have knowledge about them because some of them are poisonous. However, there is one farm-stay where you can harvest mushrooms as part of its hands-on activity program.

Minshuku Icho no Ki (Yusuhara Town)
   This minshuku (guest house) is apparently the first farm in Shikoku to open up for guests. Here you can take part in rice planting, mushroom picking, and fishing in the adjacent mountain stream. You can be part of the rural lifestyle through all the seasons. Besides mushroom picking, you can also enjoy picking wild vegetable and herbs, and preparing sawachi food. You can, of course, eat the things you harvested as part of your meals when you stay at the minshuku.

Accommodation rate (including dinner and breakfast): from 6500yen
Access:Yusuhara is a one-hour bus ride from JR Susaki Sta. The farm stay is a ten minute walk from the bus stop.
Inquiries: TEL0889-65-0418

Taken from vol.25 PDF

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