Friday, September 14, 2012

Onsen in overseas

Onsen in Turkey
   Japan’s onsens may be amongst the most famous in the world, but several other countries have their own hot spring culture. But one thing that each place has in common is that wherever hot water bubbles to the earth`s surface, humans have rarely ignored it’s curative properties. There is something about the soothing nature of hot water that leads people to seek it out for healing, relaxation and socialisation.
   In many western countries, hot springs have resorts built around them catering to people with joint ailments, or those who want to escape the stress of the city (while keeping their clothes on!) In New Mexico, USA, thermal springs are thought to possess mystical significance by several new-age groups.

   Finland has a similar culture of public saunas, with people sometimes taking a bracing swim in icy water afterwards! It is said that the best place to do a business deal is in a sauna, so often companies will have their own!

   Even ancient civilisations, such as Native Americans, the Romans and the Ottoman Empire had their own hot spring culture. The Japanese are in good company. So don’t be shy, get your clothes off!
Taken from vol.15 PDF

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