Friday, September 14, 2012

Use of onsen besides bathing

Eggs steamed by vapor from onsen
   How many uses of onsen do you know about besides bathing or drinking? I also realized that there are a variety of uses of onsen in Japan.

   The vapor from onsen is used in horticulture and cooking. Vegetables and flowers are grown by passing the vapor into plastic greenhouses, and rice and eggs can be steamed on a Japanese kettle. Onsen water is used in floor heating and farming of carp.
   Moreover, electricity is generated by geothermal heat, with a hotel in Beppu, Oita Pref. supplying 60 % of its consumption of electricity by power generation from under the earth.

   Have you heard of yunohana, a yellow sulfurous powder, which crystallises out of onsen water? Your bathtub at home will soon change into an instant onsen if you put this powder in it. Packets of yunohana are sold at shops in famous onsen cities such as Beppu and Kusatsu, Gunma Pref. Unfortunately it is not available in Kochi.

Taken from vol.15 PDF

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