Monday, September 24, 2012


   “I rode the train all the way to Aki, but now that I’ve arrived, I can’t get anywhere without a car!”
   “Some friends came from out of town, but since they don’t have bikes, I need to drive them everywhere. What a waste of parking and petrol money!”
   “I want to enjoy Kochi in a more environmentally friendly way…”

   For anyone who’s thought any of these things, we have some good news for you! You can rent bicycles at several stations around Kochi Prefecture! On the Gomen-Nahari Line on the east side, the stations at Aki, Yasuda and Nahari all have bicycles available to borrow free of charge.

   Noichi Station will allow you to rent a bicycle for ¥1000, of which you will get ¥800 back when you return the bicycle. You can also borrow bicycles for free at Tosayamada Station on the Dosan Line.
   On the west side, you can rent bicycles at Susaki, Nakamura and Ekawasaki Stations. Susaki Station charges ¥700 for a full day and ¥300 for an hour, while Nakamura and Ekawasaki charge ¥1000 if you return the bicycle on the same day (by 5:00pm) and ¥1500 for 24-hour rental.
   Unfortunately, Kochi Station does not lend or rent any bicycles, but if you ask at the Tourist Information Center, they can direct you to some shops in Kochi City that will. So, how would you like to enjoy tourism in Kochi in a cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly way?

Taken from vol.27 PDF

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